A psychological assessment will evaluate and bring forth information on a persons thinking,emotions, learning style and behavior. There are several parts of a comprehensive assessment: an interview, observation (more frequently used with children), receiving background information (medical and educational) and direct testing. Testing will have the person engage in an activity to evaluate their general intellectual ability, memory, learning style, problem solving ability, organization skills, fine motor skills, and academic level/skill. Testing can also have the person or caregiver (parent or spouse) comment on emotions or behavior using a checklist.

Common Referral Questions:
• Does my child/I have Attention Deficit Disorder?
• Psycho-educational Assessment needed for children.
• Does my child/I have a learning disability or what is my learning style?
• What can we do to help my child function better in the classroom?
• I have or (a client has) been injured at work, what jobs can be performed now?

• Practice Note Seven Assessment
• Assessment for Autism Spectrum Disorder
• Psycho-Educational Assessment

Assessment Tools Used

What can I expect after the assessment is completed?