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Collaborative Law & New Ways for Families

  Collaborative Law

A Collaborative Law Team approach is the most fitting to best support families with ideal resources for reaching a durable agreement when faced with a parental separation. Collaborative Divorce gives families and integrated approach of positive supports through the transition from a one house family, to a two house family.

A Collaborative team consists of Lawyers, Divorce Coaches, a Financial Specialist and a Child Specialist. A Child Specialist is the voice of the children in a divorce. A Child Specialist will:

•Meet with parents, individually and separately.
•Meets with child(ren) to gain their perspective on the divorce. Offer the child(ren) support and comfort in a stressful time.
•Provides a safe place for the child(ren) to tell their story.
•Helps the parents understand what is happening to their child(ren).
•Provides the parent with the information they need to make important parenting decisions.
•Has the same Collaborative Commitment Agreement with the clients as the other team member.

For more information please go to www.collaborativelaw.ca

New Ways for Families

New Ways for Families™ focuses on helping people learn "new ways" of thinking, feeling and behaving, rather than focusing on the past or blaming each other.

New Ways is a short-term, 4-Step structured method for parents re-organizing their families after or during a separation or divorce. This method can be used at any time by any family, from the beginning of the separation process or even after the divorce.

The overall goal is to help both parents develop new ways of making decisions, communicating, and planning for children in a separation or divorce. This method may be used if you jointly agree to use this approach or if a court orders you; if you have direct contact with each other or no direct contact; and no matter the age of your child(ren). This counselor is not a mediator and does not form a relationship with either parent.

The Parent-Child Counselling is not confidential. If you and the other parent are unable to make your own agreements and must return to court, then the Parent-Child Counselor can be called to testify at court about his or her observations about the parent-chid relationship, if requested by the judge.

After both parents are finished with Individual Parent Counselling, each parent will meet with the child/ren three times in Parent-Child Counselling. Preparing what to tell your children can be discussed in your Individual Parent Counselling. You will continue to use the Parent Workbook for those meetings.

The focus of these counselling sessions is for you to teach your child/ren flexible thinking, managed emotions, and moderate behaviors, respond to your child/ren's concerns, and discuss the new ways your family will be organized after the divorce or separation process. The role of the counselor is to assist each parent with these tasks, focusing on the parent-child.

Goals of Parent-Child Counselling

•Assist you in teaching your child/ren skills for resilience in the separation or divorce.
•Assist you in hearing your child/ren’s concerns about the separation or divorce.
• Assist you in discussing new activities and new decision-making for your child/ren.
•Assist you and the other parent in discussing new ways for your family with the child/ren, if you meet jointly with the other parent and the children, which is optional
•Observe your interactions and answer the judge’s questions about your parenting skills, if you go to court.

For more information please visit the New Ways for Families website: www.newways4families.com
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